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Those chains you’ve been carrying around forever are so familiar they seem like part of you. They’re not! Let ‘em go you’ll be amazed.

Home is where there’s no question that you’re loved, the place you’d rather be than almost anywhere. You can trust home, count on it, it’s familiar. You can be yourself at home; it covers you, keeps you sheltered and is safe. Home sounds a lot like God and can’t we take Him with us everywhere?

Getting a different perspective on life can be so valuable. It can be as drastic as turning your world upside down or as simple as getting away for awhile.  Either way there is much to be appreciated when getting a new view. Too often familiarity allows us to take things for granted. I don’t want to take anything for granted. There is so much for each of us to be thankful for, even the tiniest of things. It’s good to be home.

Caring too much about the opinions of others can be another diversion from The Lord. This one’s very closely related to fear as well as performance. I know I’m trying to help you move into a more intimate relationship with the God who loves you so very much and to this point I hope we’ve been removing barriers. But this one has the potential of making you say, “Okay, that’s close enough”.

Sometimes God is going to want to do something really crazy with you. Not crazy like “for no reason” but crazy in the eyes of the world around us. You see we can’t get close to Him without changing and the world hates change. We like things all tied up a pretty package that we can predict, understand and maybe even control. That’s not the way of God, He is completely unique and our relationship with Him must be unique too. If His love for us is not one of a kind then it’s not enough, it would fall short of filling the need we each have to be special. So don’t be afraid of what others think. Draw as close to Him as you can, become so familiar with His voice that there is no question and then whatever He says, do it. It may look wacky to those around you but I promise it is the most wonderful, free and fulfilling life you could ever dream of. In fact it’s the one you’ve been wanting.