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What’s best isn’t the same as what’s best for me.

Please don’t just read over this one today. Take a minute and seriously think through this statement: Jesus loves me, this I know. It’s pretty easy for you to believe that Jesus loves others but far too often difficult to trust that He loves you. He does, more than you can possibly imagine but unless you know this and trust Him, that love goes unrealized. Don’t believe the lie, take hold of the truth that you are uniquely and especially loved by the one that knows you better than anyone. He died to prove it to you once and lives to show you relentlessly.

Grow up, get real, don’t be so naïve…! No thank you.


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Jesus asks us into His Kingdom, not to create our own.

Unique, matchless, incomparable, one and only or incapable of being imitated, very much an attribute or characteristic of Jesus. Yet far too often we’re taught to “act like Jesus”. Certainly the world needs more of Him but does it need more people pretending to be like Him? What’s truly called for is more of the actual Jesus living in and working through us. That’s what He promises to do if we’ll let Him. All that’s required is saying yes, not once but always.

The world’s trying to redefine what a friend is; the word is getting watered down so much we’re having a hard time knowing who our friends are. Isolation is the goal under the guise of connectedness. Let’s not be fooled. Thank you friends.

With Jesus solidly at the center of our lives, we not only gain freedom from guilt and forgiveness of sin but we have Him there to push out the marginal values that have a way of sneaking in and becoming dominant. Deliverance from the trivial.

Why are we always in such a hurry? All we’ll find at the end of the current blazing inferno is another one. Could it be that because we allow urgency to distract us so effectively it’s the only weapon the enemy needs to sidetrack us?

Love, serve, feel, give, care, share, touch, say yes, smile, listen, trust, be dependable, go out of your way, think, pray, love, serve…

Not to the deafening noise we’re constantly surrounded by but to the still small voice of our Lord. He has much to say to you today, Give Him your attention.