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You can be encouraged when life is difficult and overwhelming. Struggle is part of the change. If you were plugging along in your comfortable life, convinced that all is well you’d be fooled. More of Him comes in difficulty. Trust!

Do not Fear

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For unto us a Child is born…

Jesus’ birth, God Himself becoming one of us was very much about freedom from fear. Living afraid is distant and lonely, living in trust is intimate and fulfilling.


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Is the most precious gift.


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The Bible is not intended to be used by men to guilt and manipulate.

The Bible

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Doesn’t contain God, it confirms Him.

The theology of blessings diminishes God. It puts man in charge. If I do this, think that or adhere to this set of rules and behaviors God will be obligated to bless me. Intimacy with God and those He’s placed around us suffers immensely when we allow this principle in our lives. Keeping up the facade of God’s special blessing will wear you out. We are not in control!

The theology of blessings alienates people that are struggling. Whether it is health, financial, emotional, relational or any other difficulty beyond our control, this belief excludes us when times are tough. The wake of damage this idea leaves behind is staggering.

Is that it couldn’t be more wrong.

Is the belief that when you are right with God, when He is pleased with what you are doing He will then pour out blessings on you. This is a widely held belief throughout Christianity and is taught and or supported by more church leaders and organizations than not.

One of the reasons Jesus was killed was because He didn’t come to be our leader en masse.