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I’m not suggesting we get rid of our clothes but we sure have put a lot between The Lord and us. All He’s ever wanted is to share life with us, to greet us at awakening, be our last thought at night and walk with us in everything in between. Jesus came to remind us of this intent and showed us what it looks like.

In an attempt get closer to God there are folks today going back to the book of Acts and trying to recreate the first century church. Others are going further back to discover the Hebraic way. Maybe we should take a look at how things were before we messed it up at all?

Though I can’t say for sure, that Adam didn’t finish naming the animals, meet Eve and go straight over to the tree. We can’t know how much time passed between chapters 2 and 3 in Genesis but it makes sense to me that they lived life in the intimate presence of God for a considerable time.

Adam lived 930 years after the fall?

“That man should be alone.” Thank you Lord for those “comparable helpers” you put in our lives. Your love for us shines most brightly through the love we are given by those you’ve surrounded us with.

God rested so that He could begin His relationship with us. He gave us His full attention and asks that we give Him ours.

And that’s how He has thought of you ever since. His love for you has never dimmed, not even at your worst moment did He think one bit less of you. He delights at the thought of you and wants more than anything for you know the depth of His love.

“Multiply”: take our fruit out into the world and allow God to use us to draw others into His perfect love. Loving Him by loving others.

“Be Fruitful”: full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. These are the results of our truly understanding God’s perfect love for us and responding to that love by drawing close to Him.

And that is what He’s been doing ever since. Though the depth may escape us His love is not beyond our understanding. He wants us to know and experience His love in all that we encounter, it’s the very reason we exist. We just have to let Him, we get to choose.