Links to Additional Articles

How to Help the Special Needs Community

I hope this article not only raises awareness but also gives us some practical ways to help the special needs community.

Christianity for Real

This is a look at some misconceptions about Christianity and Christians.

Jesus Calling

My favorite daily devotional.


An article to help improve marriages.

Is Tim Tebow God’s Favorite?

This is an article on Tim Tebow.


Our favorite beach vacation.


More on our favorite beach destination and the surrounding area.


Here’s a story about my preferred mountain bike.

Hilarious Bricklayer Accident Report

This is blast from the past that still cracks me up.

Mork and Mindy

This is an article on the TV series that started it all for Robin Williams.

The Doobie Brothers

One of my all time favorite bands.

The History of Fleetwood Mac

An article about another classic rock band.

Johnny’s Seasoning Salt

This one’s about my favorite seasoning mix and some of the recipes I use it in.

Seattle Sonics

This is a story about the love and loss of my first favorite sports team.

Seattle Seahawks Fans

A tribute to the greatest fans in the NFL.

Honda 919

Here’s an article on my favorite street bike.

Buddy the Elf

Here’s a story about a Christmas tradition at our house.

Backhanded Compliments

A story on people’s lack of good sense.

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