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Seeking God is the most wonderful of pursuits. Finding Him in the least likely of places or the most difficult of circumstances fills our hearts with the truth that He is everywhere. We must continue to pursue Him, it is our eternal quest as it’s the fresh encounters that keep our love for Him from going stale and our trust in Him strong.

The other day my wife handed me a piece of mail that looked like a birthday card. It was from her Grandmother Grace. I haven’t had a grandma since I was in my early twenties so as I was opening the card I thought;” I wish I had a grandma.” When I got the card open it began, “Thank heaven for Grandsons…” and finished with, “Thank heaven for a Grandson like you.” I’ve never had a wish (prayer) answered so quickly and wonderfully. Boy is it nice to have a Grandma!

One of the most wonderful things about God is that we have access o Him. In fact being with us is His greatest desire. He is not somewhere off in the distance peeking in every now and then to make sure we are being good. He wants to be right smack in the middle of our lives assuring us that it is or will be good.

Don’t believe the lies that will come at you today. No matter how overwhelming the evidence may be, you are perfectly and uniquely loved. The less you entertain the lie the less hold it will have. Be secure in who God made you and how much He loves you.

Lord lead the way for us this week. Help us put the difficulty and failures of last week behind us and take a firm grasp of the promise ahead. Don’t let us miss an opportunity to be You to everyone You place in our path. Give us an extra dose of wisdom and compassion that we would represent You well and the ability to refute the evidence we’re all bombarded with that we are unloved.


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The more we need Him, the more our incredible God has for us. Oh how I need Him.

Where will we place our confidence today? When we take it upon ourselves we find worry, fear and uncertainty. When we place it in God we get peace, joy and assurance.

The Light doesn’t have to be at the end of the tunnel. We can invite Him into the tunnel with us.

We will never reach the end of God’s goodness. His good thoughts towards us each day are amazing. And remember, His thoughts are unlike our thoughts which are often fleeting. His thoughts never stray from His acting.


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Isn’t it funny how we can take a couple of words, put them together in reverse order and convince ourselves that we are fulfilling their meaning? Who is God putting on your heart to reach out to today? Give them a call or stop by and let them know you’re thinking about them.