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Isn’t it funny how we can take a couple of words, put them together in reverse order and convince ourselves that we are fulfilling their meaning? Who is God putting on your heart to reach out to today? Give them a call or stop by and let them know you’re thinking about them.

  1. Julie Dumond says:

    I had lunch with a girlfriend who has been busy and out of town alot. We hadn’t really spent time withe each other (except on the phone and email) in awhile. It was great and I think we could have continued our conversation well past the two or three hours we had already spent. What you wrote here is so true. My husband still picks up the phone and will call someone who works at Children’s just because they come into his mind. We both do this. Sometimes a person on the end of the phone says they really were going through a difficult time and the call is timely. Sometimes that voice we hear in our heads (isn’t us) but the Holy Spirit. I think he is always guiding us into His work. 🙂 Thank Jim for the great reminder to not quench the Holy Spirit.

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