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Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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God is incredible and His love for us so perfect, may we worship Him today like never before. I pray you are able to gather with friends and family and celebrate our marvelous Lord.

Today began with an incredible sunrise over the mountains outside Flagstaff and from there only got better. We saw the unbelievable beauty of the Grand Canyon, an astounding diversity of people drawn to this magnificent work of creation and had the honor of finishing the day with the children’s Great Grandmother Grace. All of which I would love to say more but for now:

The astounding diversity, as we were walking along the southern rim of the canyon today we could hear Worship music coming from somewhere. We walked toward it and came upon a group of twelve or thirteen people who had gone out on an outcropping with a guitar and were belting it out to God. We sat down and soaked it in. As others passed by they often stopped and in a multitude of languages called out their approval. Few things speak of God’s magnitude like the Grand Canyon but today we got to see one better in the way He touches folks everywhere.

Somehow devotion has become something that we do instead of something that we have. Our devotion to God should be a condition of our hearts, much more than something to be checked off of a list each day. But with that said, a daily time of worship can be a beautiful thing. Having a place and time set aside to really meet with God, to be honest, real and especially to listen, is vital. He is completely devoted to you allow Him some time to prove it.

After exploring the attributes of God for the last few weeks, Worshiping Him is the only conclusion we can come too. He is so beyond our imagination and yet right here for us to know, be loved by and love back. Let’s rejoice in Him today like never before, not just in song but in all that we say and do. You are so marvelous Lord…