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“Jesus hardly talked to anyone about what He’d done. The Bible never depicts one of those end-of-camp slideshows where Jesus goes over all He had done with His disciples. Instead Jesus modeled that we don’t need to talk about everything we’ve done. It’s like He was saying, what if we were just to do awesome stuff together while we’re here on earth and the fact that only He knew would be enough? If we did that, we wouldn’t get confused about who was really making things happen. Not surprisingly, we’d get a lot more done too, because we wouldn’t care whose looking or taking credit. All that energy would be funneled into awesomeness. Even then, though, don’t take the bait that if we do incredible things Jesus will dig us more. He can’t. He already digs us more. And more than that, our pictures are already in His wallet.” – Bob Goff, Love Does

One of the most wonderful things about God is that we have access o Him. In fact being with us is His greatest desire. He is not somewhere off in the distance peeking in every now and then to make sure we are being good. He wants to be right smack in the middle of our lives assuring us that it is or will be good.

We spent the past few weeks looking at the varying degrees God is real to us and also explored some of the things that keep us from more of Him. It makes sense to move on to how our life might look if we truly allowed Him into every area. So over the next few days let’s see what we might recognize in our life as fruit and also take a look at what might be areas still under cultivation.

Remember there is no formula and the thoughts shared here are in no way meant to be a list of things to mimic in order to appear like God is involved. We also need to be careful to examine ourselves as opposed to finding the flaws in others. There’s nothing more personal than your relationship with God so I hope that as we dive in here He meets you in new and wonderful ways.

Well, not really but it could be. If we’ll allow God into the difficulty or situation that’s troubling us, the good will be found. He wants the very best for us and has promised to show us what that is if we will let Him. He loves to take the crap in our lives and turn it into something wonderful.