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Scripture tells us that when we show compassion to those around us that are in need or are hurting it’s as if we cared for Jesus Himself. Today will be filled with opportunities for us to love the Lord through the kindness we pour out on others. Let’s be generous, empathetic and patient. Nothing speaks louder than when people see us put aside our needs, wants and agendas to focus on theirs.

We touched on this yesterday it’s another of the things you won’t hear from God. He has no needs and to think that He wouldn’t be able to accomplish His plans without us is silly at best. What you will hear from Him if you are willing to listen is: I want this for you. He has so much for each of us. It will include being used by Him to accomplish much but that can’t take place unless we do it together with Him. You won’t get an assignment from Him and then be sent off on your own to make it happen.

This philosophical argument is also known as divine hiddenness and reasons that if there were a God that wants us to know Him then He would have made it so that everyone would. This line of thinking is very closely related to the problem of evil that we discussed a few days ago and is also best addressed by understanding that love and choice must co-exist. I believe that God has taken steps to draw us to Him and that His utmost desire is for each of us to choose to know Him. I think that if we were honest with ourselves we’d acknowledge that our greatest need is to be perfectly loved and accepted in a completely unique way. This is a need that God placed in us knowing that only He is able to fill. So in a very real sense God has created a situation to influence us into knowing Him but we still get to choose.


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Shouldn’t the lives we lead be an indication of what we believe to those around us? The world says, “Determine what you want and go get it.” Scripture says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” What do others see when they look at our lives? Jesus said, “these people draw near to me with their mouths and honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.” I don’t want to be “these people”.

Knowing that God’s opinion of us is the only one that matters solves so many of the issues we deal with in life. Does He love you? Yes! Can you trust Him? Yes! Can you know Him? Yes! I mean really know Him? Yes! Do you need anything more than that? No! With these answers we can be used by God to change the world!

We are sometimes to blame for allowing others to use and manipulate us. It can happen when we let the love, acceptance and approval of others take the place of God’s love and acceptance. Looking for these things from those around us will always fall short, only the one who made us is capable of the love we really need.

There will always be people around that take advantage of others in order to get what they want or what they think they need. This demonstrates a lack of trust in God to carry out His promises. They believe that in order accomplish their wishes they have to do it themselves, usually at the expense of those around them.

In the times I feel like I’m not getting what I need or what I want, I get perspective back from the cross. I see Jesus there giving His all to me. How can I be truly be thankful for His ultimate sacrifice and ask for just a little more of whatever it is I think I’m lacking?


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Closeness is all God has ever wanted from and for us. We were made to be with Him, that’s all. Everything else follows. He is the prize and with Him we get everything we need and when we realize that God is all we want, we get what we want too.