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This from E. Stanley Jones today, “The resurrection of Jesus is not something in history to be looked at and admired and rejoiced in ; it is something to be appropriated and lived by—something that works in us. The same power, which turned the most abject defeat in history – the defeat of the cross – into the most glorious victory in history – the victory of the Resurrection – is available in Christ now.”

Imagine the implications of realizing this in our lives.

Romans 6:12 has five words in the middle of it (four if you use a contraction) that read “do not let sin reign”. The little word “let” indicates that we have a say in the matter, which is really great news unless we believe it means we have the power over sin and all we need to do to conquer it is try harder. What we have the ability to “let” is to let God have our sin. It’s only in coming to Him and placing the things we struggle with in His hands that we are able to overcome for real. Sure we may be able to will power a temporary behavior change but true healing comes when we place our weaknesses with Him and trust enough to leave them there.

One more thought on the “conquerors” verse; more means that we haven’t just scraped by, by the skin of our teeth. We have a huge triumph here. This victory can stand out to others and we have the honor to help them win their battles as decisively as ours have been won.

“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” The perspective we mentioned yesterday, trusting that Jesus not only did but will do whatever it takes for us, is our confidence.