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This one touches on the same topic as yesterday, comparison. Maybe at times we use comparison as an excuse to keep our distance from God but as we said before this isn’t coming from Him. He wants us to be different. He wants us to celebrate our uniqueness. Unfortunately we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others as a means of finding our worth. We look for the flaws in those around us in order to make ourselves feel better about our own. The good news is that’s not how God looks at us at all. He sees all of the good in us and isn’t afraid of the things that aren’t there yet. He thinks the very best of us at all times without comparison. So instead of saying Yes, you’re better. He saying, ” You’re so special, just the way I made you, you’re completely one of a kind and I couldn’t love you more. Find your worth in Me and stop looking for it elsewhere.”

Another area we often fail to trust God is with our time. We waste it, protect it, hoard it and spend it foolishly. Time is one of the most precious things we’ve been given with the key word here being “given”. It’s a gift that’s always been intended to be re-gifted. You see, though time is a very precious present it’s not the most valuable we’ve been entrusted with, for that is the people God has put in our lives. And we will always reveal what has worth to us by the time we spend. God can always be trusted to replenish a well spent gift so there is no need to be stingy with time.

From there God let us know what we would be experiencing as a result of our choice to try it without Him. Just like He told Adam and Eve, men still look for their worth in what and how they do, while women even today seek their love and approval from men.

The people around us should be our greatest treasure. How can we show them how valuable they are to us today? What sacrifice can be made that says, “You are more important to me than my own wants or needs.”?

Knowing that God’s opinion of us is the only one that matters solves so many of the issues we deal with in life. Does He love you? Yes! Can you trust Him? Yes! Can you know Him? Yes! I mean really know Him? Yes! Do you need anything more than that? No! With these answers we can be used by God to change the world!

We are sometimes to blame for allowing others to use and manipulate us. It can happen when we let the love, acceptance and approval of others take the place of God’s love and acceptance. Looking for these things from those around us will always fall short, only the one who made us is capable of the love we really need.

Webster defines “vain” as: having no real value. Vanity is a term we use to describe self-centeredness. If we are the focus of our lives, if our pleasure is what we are living for, where is the value? This not only applies to the eternal things but even today is without real meaning. The more of God that we possess and the less of us we promote, the more peace and true joy we experience.