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The love that God has for us and thus the love we’re called to share with others is completely unique, one of a kind. Think about yourself for minute. If God loves you because He made you, does that fulfill your greatest need? What if His love is only because you received His Son or are part of some group? If that were the case for me I wouldn’t feel loved at all. I’d feel herded, insignificant, essentially unloved. Understanding this makes life the incredible adventure God intended. Imagine the significant opportunity of every encounter we have with each other. Consider the things to be shared and learned. Think of the joy or pain that doesn’t have to be experienced alone. That’s God’s love and we’re the ones that know it and get to share it.

Love is always personal. We’re not called to love people; we’re called to love persons. It’s much easier to love this group or that nation without really getting into the mess that we are as individuals. When we disregard the uniqueness of individuals and diminish them by lumping them into one big pot, we miss the opportunity to share how special they are to The Father. It’s one thing to vote for this issue or contribute to that cause but it’s a God thing to get into the muck with someone and see them through to Him.

There is only one God. He is singular and completely unique. There is no other. Therefore we don’t have to be afraid of what others think god to be. We just need to help them get to know The God. If you’ve read these posts for any length of time you are aware of how much I appreciate God’s uniqueness. The fact that everything He does is new and fresh makes us unique too and I believe is a key to the way that His love fulfills our every need. If we can know that His love for us is unlike His love for anyone else then we will find ourselves full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. What the world needs is people who know this and can help them understand it as well.