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Gospel means Good News. The Gospel of Jesus or Jesus’ Good News is that He is God and that He loves you! We who know and understand this are asked to share this message with no strings attached. Unfortunately too often what is heard from us is “god loves me and he would love you too if you were like me.” This is not the Gospel. People are desperate to know they are loved and the world is persistently presenting overwhelming evidence that they’re not. We have to be different; we must present the truth of God’s unconditional love, not just in word but also in action.

Omniscience is the term describing God as all knowing. There is no way to surprise Him. He is aware of everything past, present and future. This is another attribute that we can take great comfort in. Our greatest need is fulfilled in the security of knowing that His perfect love for us is not a result of what we have done, what we are doing nor what we will or will not do, but is a genuinely unconditional love even though He knows everything about us. Also our eternal security is certain because God knows it all. And our hopes are deeply rooted in knowing and trusting that because He knows it all, He is able to redeem everything.

“I was afraid because I was naked.” We needn’t fear God seeing our weaknesses. Our bad decisions and selfish actions never take Him by surprise. His love for us is always total and unconditional and His way is to use them to draw us closer. That’s why we call Him Redeemer; He takes our garbage and turns it into something beautiful.