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Trinitarianism teaches us that connecting is as vital to the life of our soul as blood is to physical life. When it’s missing, we are ruled by the need to get it. Sometimes we settle for too little. Sometimes we conclude we’ll never find it and become hollow people, mere shells carrying on our lives in quiet despair. – Larry Crabb

“The capacities that distinguish us as human beings from all other creations were given to us so we could connect with each other the way the three divine persons connect. We have the capacity to enjoy the wonder of a relationship built on grace that no angel has ever personally experienced. Combine that capacity with the capacities to think, imagine, aspire, choose and feel, and you have people built for trinity-like community.” – Larry Crabb

But too often –

“I’ve got AM, FM, XM, iPod, iPhone, Internet…and we’re all closer together, just an e-mail or a text away, but we’ve all retreated into our niches, we’ve lost our cohesiveness. We’re no longer all in it together, we’re doing our own thing. And when you take a break and look up and realize no one’s around you wonder…are we better off?” – Bob Lefsetz

Triune or Trinity is the name we have given to the fact that The One God has revealed Himself to us as three distinct persons, The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit who function in unity as our Creator and God. Each of the three distinctions have and always will exist and are all fully God all the time. Volumes have been written to explain this aspect of God but none of them have left me saying “Oh yeah now I totally get it.” However scripture, history and God’s interaction with us clearly expose these three distinct persons. Much of the debate over this attribute stems from the question “How can He do that?” The answer to that one seems pretty easy to me; He’s God. I can think of a ton of other things that bewilder me about how God does things but hey, if He wasn’t amazing…