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Transformation is a lifelong process. Being skeptical is natural, trusting is supernatural.

Nothing says I care for you better than time. Words certainly can be encouraging, gifts can show you’ve been thinking about someone but who or what you really love will be where your time is given. Time is undoubtedly a most precious commodity and it’s easy to see how those who are unsure would be stingy with it. But for those in an intimate relationship with God, time is in abundance. We have forever. So who shall we share ourselves with today? Who comes to mind that could really use a call or a visit? Who near to us do we assume knows how much we care? We’ve been given so much, let’s give some back.

Another area we often fail to trust God is with our time. We waste it, protect it, hoard it and spend it foolishly. Time is one of the most precious things we’ve been given with the key word here being “given”. It’s a gift that’s always been intended to be re-gifted. You see, though time is a very precious present it’s not the most valuable we’ve been entrusted with, for that is the people God has put in our lives. And we will always reveal what has worth to us by the time we spend. God can always be trusted to replenish a well spent gift so there is no need to be stingy with time.

Somehow devotion has become something that we do instead of something that we have. Our devotion to God should be a condition of our hearts, much more than something to be checked off of a list each day. But with that said, a daily time of worship can be a beautiful thing. Having a place and time set aside to really meet with God, to be honest, real and especially to listen, is vital. He is completely devoted to you allow Him some time to prove it.

These two attributes are so closely related I thought we would look at them together. God as infinite takes into account both His eternalness and His immensity. While being transcendent means that He is beyond space and time. So if we put them together we see that He has always been, no beginning, no end and He’s bigger than all He has created. Because He is outside of space and time He is not only everywhere (omnipresent) but also everywhen. The comfort we can take from this is that there is nothing that takes God by surprise. He has the way prepared for us if we will stay close and even if we don’t, He’s got that figured out too.

Contrary to popular belief, God’s love language is not obedience. The best way to show how much we love Him is to give Him our time. Not time doing things for Him, time with Him and in Him. Everything else will follow if we’ll allow Him into all of our lives.

One of the best gifts we give is our time and attention. That’s one of the things that make this time of year so special, slowing down and enjoying each other. Now that we’ve worn ourselves out making everything just right, let’s let our loved ones know how special they are to us.

The time is now.

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When you think of it from a “what time is it” perspective, now is an absurdly obvious answer. Now is also the answer to the question, “when can I be with God”. In fact it’s the only answer. You can’t be with Him yesterday and being with Him tomorrow is procrastination. Isn’t it amazing that we can only be in the company of the Creator of all, He who has no beginning and no end, in this moment?