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Love, serve, feel, give, care, share, touch, say yes, smile, listen, trust, be dependable, go out of your way, think, pray, love, serve…

Have you noticed how little listening takes place these days? Everyone has something to say but few are able or willing to listen. A pause in the middle of a story is the perfect opportunity to jump in with what I’ve been thinking about while you’ve been talking. We all have so much to learn from each other maybe we should listen more.

Though I can’t say for sure, that Adam didn’t finish naming the animals, meet Eve and go straight over to the tree. We can’t know how much time passed between chapters 2 and 3 in Genesis but it makes sense to me that they lived life in the intimate presence of God for a considerable time.


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What do you believe? These days that question is interpreted as, “What do you think might be true?” Some might even go so far as to say, “What do you accept as true?” For those of us in an intimate relationship with God, it means, “What we know to be true.”