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Eighteen years ago my lessons in fatherhood began. It didn’t come as a surprise, we’d had nine months to prepare. But what I didn’t know at the time was that this is a class you never finish.

The total revelation however was how much I needed to learn about being a son. I’m so thankful for the lessons these past eighteen years have brought and am looking forward to those ahead. Thank you Elliot for all you have taught me, Happy Birthday! I love you.

And Happy Birthday Grandma Grace.

The sun is always shining somewhere. Clouds come and go, sometimes they are so dark and dense it feels like they’ll never leave, but they will. Knowing the Son is there no matter the storm, gets us through.

Fourteen years ago one of my all time favorite sons was born. The circumstances leading up to that day caused us to cling to God like never before and every day since Max, you’ve brought us joy, caused our trust in The Lord to remain strong and been such an incredible blessing to everyone that knows you. Thank you for being who you are, thank you for your soft heart and thank you for the love you share so freely.

Triune or Trinity is the name we have given to the fact that The One God has revealed Himself to us as three distinct persons, The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit who function in unity as our Creator and God. Each of the three distinctions have and always will exist and are all fully God all the time. Volumes have been written to explain this aspect of God but none of them have left me saying “Oh yeah now I totally get it.” However scripture, history and God’s interaction with us clearly expose these three distinct persons. Much of the debate over this attribute stems from the question “How can He do that?” The answer to that one seems pretty easy to me; He’s God. I can think of a ton of other things that bewilder me about how God does things but hey, if He wasn’t amazing…

My friend Jackson explained knowing God’s voice the other day. He said, “It’s like knowing my mom’s voice. I know her so well and have spent so much time with her that of course I know it’s her. Hearing God is just like that. We can know Him so well there is no doubt that it’s Him.” I admire your son Janie, he brings you honor.