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Oh people, look around you
The signs are everywhere
You’ve left it for somebody other than you
To be the one to care – Jackson Browne, Rock Me on the Water

We’re to be the ones who care! The entire world is in desperate need of someone to show them they’re cared for. No one you come in contact with today doesn’t need a smile, doesn’t want to have some concern shown or couldn’t use a friend. Sure they may not show it but you know the truth.

What if there’d been just ten people who cared for the folks in Sodom or Gomorrah?

Rejection is all around; we’ve all experienced it and know its pain. But how often do we look for those around us that could use a smile, a hug and a friend? Each day we’re given chances to counter the lies of rejection faced by folks near to us. Let’s not miss those chances today.

If you’ve visited here regularly you’ve probably come across something I’ve written about smiling. Yesterday I had the opportunity to test out my belief in the power of a smile. We were around a ton of people from every walk in life and from all over the world. We must have heard twenty different languages. Never was a smile not returned and in many cases you could see a drastic change in countenance as returning a smile seemed to release the concern of the moment. I’m going to try it again today.

Is there anything better than when your child needs you to hold them, whisper love and blessings to them and just sit still together? I more than imagine it’s the same for the Lord. Nothing brings Him more joy than when we come to Him, fall into His arms, give our burdens to Him and just sit still allowing His love to cover it all. If you could see the smile He gets when He thinks of you.

A warm smile often gives the answer away.


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God loves you. A smile is contagious and ought to be shared. God’s love for us should put a smile on our face and giving away smiles to others is a way of sharing His love with them. Offer smiles to everyone today and see how many you get back it’s really fun.

I wonder how often we pass right by someone that God would like for us to engage with? Someone not on our schedule, someone that could use a warm smile or a kind word, maybe even someone with something for us. Shouldn’t we try to slow down enough to find one of these encounters everyday?