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I heard a story on the radio recently about sleep. They mentioned a paper published in 2005 that revealed much evidence that before electricity the common sleeping pattern was for us to sleep for 3 or 4 hours, awake for an hour or so and then return to sleep. The story also cited an experiment completed in the ’90s where a group of people were put into total darkness for 14 hours each day and after a period of adjustment they fell into the same pattern. The reporters speculated that quite possibly this was how we were designed.

I can totally see God creating us with a built in time set aside for being alone with Him each day. Next time you wake up in the middle of the night instead of fighting to get back to sleep, take advantage of the opportunity to be with Him.

Really, it’s okay. It’s actually an order. God created us to need rest. Not just sleep
but also what we call today, down time. The world with all of its technology
and distractions is stealing our rest. We may not always be working but we’re usually
doing. Sometimes we can even be inactive but feeling so guilty about it that it
is not restful. It’s so important to allow yourself and those around you to