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As we said yesterday, everything good comes from the Lord even the great things that come from those that are unaware of Him. Unfortunately the opposite is also true. We that know Him are just as capable of making poor choices as anyone and while it’s true that we are unable to live perfect lives now, it’s also true that there is no bad decision that we have to make. He’ll always help us find His way.

Hiding our shortcomings, our struggles, our insecurities or our fears only gives them power over us. Bringing them into the open, sharing them with someone you trust and who is not afraid to be honest about their’s weakens the hold they have and is the beginning of true change.

Here’s another word from Romans 6:12, it means to be in power or in control. Who has the power in your life? Who’s in control? If the answer is another person, you’re in trouble. If the answer is “I do” then you’re only in slightly less of a mess than if it’s someone else. God is the one with all the power, we are not. We prove it daily yet have trouble recognizing it frequently. I wonder if we are reluctant to admit and turn our weaknesses over to Him because we are afraid we’ll have to become someone completely different? That’s not what He has in mind. He wants to share His power with us. His goal is not to control us; He loves who we are right now. He just wants to come along side and help with our struggles just as much as He wants to celebrate the success.

Romans 6:12 has five words in the middle of it (four if you use a contraction) that read “do not let sin reign”. The little word “let” indicates that we have a say in the matter, which is really great news unless we believe it means we have the power over sin and all we need to do to conquer it is try harder. What we have the ability to “let” is to let God have our sin. It’s only in coming to Him and placing the things we struggle with in His hands that we are able to overcome for real. Sure we may be able to will power a temporary behavior change but true healing comes when we place our weaknesses with Him and trust enough to leave them there.

Another area that we have a lot of trouble trusting God with is that He’s at work in those around us too. Why are we so quick to anger over other’s shortcomings? Why are we intolerant of those that are different than we are? Why are other people’s sins so much easier to talk about? Do we think the best of everyone first? Do we try to understand what might be going on in someone’s life before making a judgment based on what we are seeing in a particular moment or even season? Does doing these things make us feel better about ourselves or maybe even deflect attention from what might need to change in us?

I wonder if the tears The Lord wipes away in Heaven are the result of us realizing how much more of Him we could have known while we were here? Jesus’ primary message was that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Let’s apprehend as much of Him now so we can be that much closer when we greet Him with our sin removed in Heaven.

We’ve all heard the argument that evil in the world proves that a loving, benevolent, all-powerful God cannot exist. I say that without evil, love would not exist. Love is a choice. Without the ability to choose, it’s not love at all. Would it have been possible for God to withhold our ability to choose? Not and still love us. This is one of those concepts that is easy for us to understand as it relates to our human relationships but somehow gets foggy when it involves God. If you had no choice in a relationship would you consider it a loving one? The biggest problem of evil is putting it on God instead of owning it ourselves.

The holiness of God is that He is completely apart from sin and totally incorruptible. His every thought and action are pure and in the best interest of everyone. That’s a hard one to wrap our brains around but true. The other attributes we’ve looked at so far help us understand this a bit better but from our view sometimes it doesn’t seem so. I’ve heard it taught that it’s because of God’s holiness that He’s not around when we are in sin. Nonsense. God’s always around and eager to help us exchange our crap for treasure. I use the word help here because we are usually part of the process. We are faced with choice at every turn, we can choose with God, or we can choose without.

“The woman You gave me…” Adam’s blaming God here. We are called to a life of other centeredness; it’s too bad we apply this concept to pointing out sin. It’s okay to move to the front of the line when the topic is shortcomings and weaknesses. Thank You for Your forgiveness Lord, thank You for Your Grace.

This is another beautiful piece of scripture from Genesis chapter 3. No matter what we have done or how far we have stepped away, God is always pursuing us. He has not gone anywhere. He is not off somewhere waiting for us to come back to Him. He is fervently seeking us, wooing us and doing what is needed to bring us back into intimacy with Him.