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Religion is what you do for God that everyone can see. Faith (trust) is how you live with God when no one is watching or keeping score.


Posted: June 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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You can’t demonstrate or remind someone that they are loved too much.

We certainly want to be telling folks about God’s love but if we’re not also showing them this love, chances are they won’t believe what we’re saying. When people know you care their hearts soften to what you have to say.

A number of times since school started, our thirteen year-old son has come home and told us about someone he talked to that day that didn’t believe in God. Each time we asked how the conversation came up and it was always quite natural. In one of the conversations the person told him that if someone could teach them about and show them God that they would believe. As our son was telling us this he asked will you help me show them?