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We all have ’em, why do we try to hide them from each other instead of sharing them and seeing their power taken away?

Sharing our God given talents, our supernaturally endowed qualities and His divine love are the best gifts we can give.

You can’t live someone else’s relationship with God.

We are so often encouraged to imitate another’s process of spirituality, “do these things to become who God wants you to be”. Bookshelves are full of people’s ideas of how it’s done. There’s nothing wrong with sharing how God has worked in your life, we just can’t expect it to work that way for others. God’s love for you is only enough if it is unique and one of a kind, formulas diminish this and make our relationship ordinary. Another way of saying unique is inimitable. Let’s not get hung up on trying to copy God’s relationship with someone else, instead let’s fervently pursue what He has for us. After all, imitation means an inferior substitute.