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Is another thing God does not say to us. He wants us to come to Him just as we are at all times whether it’s when we are just getting to know Him or when we have blown it after years of relationship. Unfortunately we do hear this; it’s just not coming from Him. Usually we hear it from ourselves, we separate from God when we think we have done something to shame Him or that we know He doesn’t approve of. Sometimes we hear this from friends and family when something going on in our lives makes them uncomfortable. And still other times we hear this from the church when we don’t fit with its established molds.

“The state of being restored to life.”

Jesus’ death on the cross began a separation between He and the Father that lasted until He was restored to life. But His Resurrection not only returned Himself to the presence of the Father it also once and for all conquered death for us as well. We no longer need ever be separated from Him. The arms spread open on the cross are now always eager for a welcome embrace.

As followers of God, sin no longer separates us from Him but clouds us from Him for the moment. We get to choose how long the moment is. We need to turn back to Him immediately not take our punishment into our own hands and prolong the cloudiness. This only causes us to feel more unloved which leads to more clouds.