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Trying to get the love we so desperately need from anywhere or anyone but God will always come up short; leading to the wounding we talked about yesterday. The only way to avoid this is by receiving God’s perfect love from Him. That means seeking Him first, allowing His special, unique feelings towards us to prevail, in other words, that His thoughts towards us dominate who we are.

We all greatly need to be loved. This is the supreme driving force in our lives, put there by God so that we would seek Him as He is the only one capable of supplying this kind of love. Too often we look for it in other places only to be hurt or disappointed. Then, empty and in need we wound those around us.


Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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God is at work all over the place and He wants nothing more than for us to join Him in it. He doesn’t have specific places or days set aside for what He’s doing. Let’s seek Him for who He would have us love on today no matter where we are or even how awkward it might be.

How can we have joy at all times, even when things aren’t going well for us? That’s where trust and faith come in. God is always at work in our lives and if we will cooperate with Him, seek Him in everything and listen for His direction we’ll be better able to approach even the most difficult circumstances with joy. If God’s love for us is perfect, and it is, then we can know that somewhere down the road we will be able to see redemption and even appreciate today’s difficulty.