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“You’ll keep losing people until you find yourself.” – Max Sterling

Our son said this to a friend recently, I won’t go into the details of their conversation but this thought alone says so much. How often does our insecurity cause us to push others away or being uncomfortable and unsure of who we are make it difficult for them to be around us? Be yourself, love yourself, God does, we do, you’re amazing!

Can’t be found in a paycheck, a fence, a wall, a gun, an army or anything else we come up with ourselves. True security only comes from a keen understanding of how deeply God loves you, how personal and unique that love is and knowing His love will never change, never leave or even waiver.

If love is the answer (and it certainly is) then trust is the vital result. To put it simply, knowing that you are truly loved births the ability to trust God regardless of the circumstances surrounding you. Love begets trust which leads to security bringing peace and freedom while keeping fear, worry, control, distraction and the need to conform at bay.

“I used to think that taking a risk would reduce the number of friends I have, but now I know that love draws more people in.”

“I don’t think anyone aims to be typical, really. Most people even vow to themselves some time in high school or college not to be typical. But still they just kind of loop back into it somehow. Like circular rails of a train at an amusement park, the scripts we know offer a brand of security, of predictability, of safety for us. But the problem is, they only take us where we’ve already been. They loop us back to places where everyone can easily go, not necessarily where we were made to go. Living a different kind of life takes some guts and grit and a new way of seeing things.” – Bob Goff, Love Does

Ephesians 1:9 says, He made known to us in all wisdom and insight the mystery of His will, according to His purpose which He set forth in Christ. I came across this verse yesterday while reading E. Stanley Jones’ In Christ and what I love about it is that it clearly lets us know that there’s no huge mystery in understanding God’s will. That Jesus is His will, not spelled out, but lived out. That’s not to say we are to go around “acting like Jesus”, but rather that the relationship that Christ has with The Father is the same relationship He wants for us. The things that we can have in common are intimacy, the peace and security that Christ has no matter the circumstance and the ever-increasing ability to trust. The rest will be as unique as each of us. God’s will looked at through Jesus spells “Love”.

Omniscience is the term describing God as all knowing. There is no way to surprise Him. He is aware of everything past, present and future. This is another attribute that we can take great comfort in. Our greatest need is fulfilled in the security of knowing that His perfect love for us is not a result of what we have done, what we are doing nor what we will or will not do, but is a genuinely unconditional love even though He knows everything about us. Also our eternal security is certain because God knows it all. And our hopes are deeply rooted in knowing and trusting that because He knows it all, He is able to redeem everything.

The characteristic of immutability points out that God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. This applies to every aspect of who He is and is the basis for the security and peace that we can live in when we know that His love for us doesn’t change based on either His mood or our performance. This means that He is never disappointed in us, we don’t let Him down, and He’s not embarrassed by us. These emotions or moods are the results of unmet expectations and God doesn’t operate that way.

Our friend Dawn said it wonderfully yesterday; we have very much to rejoice over. God is so good and loves us so much. His becoming one of us not only supplies us with security but fills us with true joy.

Scripture says, “You do not know what will happen tomorrow” yet most of us live our lives like we know what’s coming. We get comfortable and settle into a life that we don’t need much help with and we consider this security. Then when something surprising happens we’re not equipped to handle the change. True security exists in a life dependent on God all the time.

When we understand how much God loves us, how intimate and personal His love truly is, we are able to be a portion of His love for others. We get to be evidence for the truth. We don’t have to go around trying so desperately to get loved; when we give it away, more always comes back.