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Can’t be found in a paycheck, a fence, a wall, a gun, an army or anything else we come up with ourselves. True security only comes from a keen understanding of how deeply God loves you, how personal and unique that love is and knowing His love will never change, never leave or even waiver.

Be secure in who you are, sure of how much you are loved and confident in your future. Set aside whatever your insecurities look like, while thinking less about you. Don’t be easily offended and think highly of others. Repeat vigorously.

Lord let the reality of your perfect love for me direct this day. Help me put my insecurities aside by resting in the fact that in You I have all that I need. Help me not look to others for the things I can only get from You and allow me to love out of the wealth of our relationship. The implications of Your love are astonishing, please help me catch a glimpse of them.

Scripture says that God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty. Why then are we so afraid of our weaknesses? Why is it so easy to find and point out the weaknesses of those around us in order to feign might? If we will grasp the truth of God’s unique love for us, how because it is completely different from His love for anyone else we can put aside our insecurities and stop trying to elevate ourselves by comparison to others. If we could see ourselves as well as others, the way God sees us, what a wonderful world it would be.

We commemorate the two greatest events in human History this weekend and it’s wonderful that we make a big deal out the death and resurrection of our Lord each year. But what if we took the celebration to a whole new level? What if throughout each day we took to heart the perfect love that Christ’s sacrifice demonstrated and were perpetually thankful? What if we walked through each day with the confidence that Jesus’ resurrection truly did finish it, that the battle is won and that our place with the Father is just as secure as His? Now that would be a Holyday.

Confidence and humility are often thought of as opposites. This is not the case. True confidence, the kind we talked about yesterday, only comes through humility. When we know that we can rely on God we are truly secure. But this means that we have to relinquish relying on ourselves, that’s humility. When it’s all up to me, fear and doubt prevail. When it’s He and I together, peace and assurance reign.

Scripture says, “You do not know what will happen tomorrow” yet most of us live our lives like we know what’s coming. We get comfortable and settle into a life that we don’t need much help with and we consider this security. Then when something surprising happens we’re not equipped to handle the change. True security exists in a life dependent on God all the time.

I think it’s possible to be so secure in who we are, so sure of how much we are loved and so confident in our future that we could lay down all of our insecurities. We would think much less about ourselves, not be offended easily and think more highly of others. That’s who I want to be. Do you think that’s possible?