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My wife’s brother has been visiting for the last several days and we’ve really had a great time together. Last night we had to say our farewells and many tears were shed. What particularly touched my heart was how profoundly we are all going to miss him and the depth of feelings our children have for their uncle. It’s pretty incredible to see your children love so deeply and with such passion just as you’ve prayed for them. We love you Rob, come back soon.

Another place that some keep The Lord is “in the family.” Usually in this type of relationship it’s distant family. Someone they know well, maybe Mom and Dad or close friends are near to God so they figure they’re covered too. The sad thing about this relationship is that while those around us can be a blessing and we certainly need the love of family and friends, they are no substitute for the uniquely intimate love that can only come from The Father. Believing in God is not the same as knowing Him.

God’s jealousy is rooted in his care and concern for us. As we mentioned recently in our description of His aseity, God does not need us. Therefore the kind of jealousy that we are accustomed to is not what we see in Him. His heart breaks for us when we make poor choices, when we are distracted from Him and when we hurt each other but not because of what it does to Him. He is heartbroken because of the consequences we must face as a result these things. The wonderful news is that God’s heart can take it. He is momentarily saddened but knows that He’s prepared opportunity for us to turn things around.