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Wow, wasn’t that a busy week!? Well done. We need to be sure to find some rest today, recharge and let God fill us for what He’s got in store for us next week. He loves you so much.


Posted: April 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Rest in the peace of God’s perfect love for you today. Don’t let obligation steal what He intended this day to be for you.

God rested so that He could begin His relationship with us. He gave us His full attention and asks that we give Him ours.

Really, it’s okay. It’s actually an order. God created us to need rest. Not just sleep
but also what we call today, down time. The world with all of its technology
and distractions is stealing our rest. We may not always be working but we’re usually
doing. Sometimes we can even be inactive but feeling so guilty about it that it
is not restful. It’s so important to allow yourself and those around you to