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“What I’ve learned the more I’ve spent time following Jesus is that God delights in answering our impossible prayers. The kind of prayers made in a dark cell by someone holding unwashed hands. Prayers asking for the things we couldn’t possibly think could happen for us or someone else. Ones we might even feel a little bad saying, as if it’s just asking God for too much. But what I forget is that we are talking to a God who knows what we need the most is to return to our lives. And God knows that we can’t fully return until we know we’ve been forgiven.” – Bob Goff, Love Does

We can all relate to the younger brother in Jesus’ story from the book of Luke. After all, we’ve all been in rebellion, sought for ourselves and disregarded those around us at some point. I hope another way that we identify with this character is that we have realized the emptiness of a selfish life and that we’ve returned to the arms of a loving Father.


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God loves you. A smile is contagious and ought to be shared. God’s love for us should put a smile on our face and giving away smiles to others is a way of sharing His love with them. Offer smiles to everyone today and see how many you get back it’s really fun.