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Why are we always in such a hurry? All we’ll find at the end of the current blazing inferno is another one. Could it be that because we allow urgency to distract us so effectively it’s the only weapon the enemy needs to sidetrack us?

I trust you Lord, help my mistrust. Only you are constantly trustworthy Lord. When I put my trust  elsewhere I’m faced with heartache and disappointment, when I rest in your perfect love I’m filled with peace and contentment. This day belongs to you, I trust it will be amazing.


One of the most wonderful things about God is that we have access o Him. In fact being with us is His greatest desire. He is not somewhere off in the distance peeking in every now and then to make sure we are being good. He wants to be right smack in the middle of our lives assuring us that it is or will be good.

Wow, wasn’t that a busy week!? Well done. We need to be sure to find some rest today, recharge and let God fill us for what He’s got in store for us next week. He loves you so much.

A great placed to start when listing things you’ll never hear God say is, I don’t like you. Many of us understand that God loves us. We know love to be part of His nature and that probably obligates Him to love us. But does He like you? That’s another matter. He doesn’t have to like you, how He feels about you is His choice. The truth is, absolutely, He likes you. More than that He delights in you. He wants nothing more than to be your best friend and for you to rest in the peace that knowing this can bring. Brennan Manning in his book “The Wisdom of Tenderness” says that true freedom comes from knowing how much God likes you. Peace in this for you today.

Father your patience for me is astounding. I fail you regularly yet your love and understanding never waiver while I find it hard at times to wait for you when you have never failed me. Lord please help me rest in your faithfulness, trust in your timing and show your patience to others.


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Rest in the peace of God’s perfect love for you today. Don’t let obligation steal what He intended this day to be for you.

It is so comforting to look back on the day and be able to see how God put it all together. How He somehow managed to keep my best interest in mind without once forsaking what was best for those around me. How He made it all work to the betterment of each of us. How could I not trust Him even more with tomorrow?

If we allow God’s perfect one of a kind love for us to take it’s rightful place in our hearts, we no longer have to strive to find love or approval in places that always leave us empty. We will no longer believe the lies that we are unloved and rejected because we know the truth that we are perfectly and uniquely loved and out of the abundance of that love we can share it with others.