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You’re sitting with some friends and one of them tells you that his neck really hurts; do you:

Tell him how much your leg has been bothering you?

Sympathize and ask how he hurt his neck?

Tell him that you’ll pray for him?

Get up and give him a neck rub and quietly pray?

How often do we make the conversation about us?

How often do we offer a hollow “I’ll pray for you” when we’re right there with the ability to be the answered prayer?

Grace and trust go hand in hand. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are inseparable as they each have their place but they certainly are vital to each other. Grace is the proper response to trust but it’s also the appropriate reaction when trust has been broken.

Thank you very much for your input yesterday.

The next verse in this passage has set the tone for how we view God and there is a good chance we’ve had it wrong. “…which I commanded that you should not eat”, can easily be translated as, “which I gave you not to eat” or “which I put there for you not to eat”. Have we assumed that God’s tone towards Adam was harsh here because of Adam’s response?