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Today has the potential to be remarkable. There’s no reason it has to be mundane, hum drum or like any other day. This could be the day you’ve been waiting for. Is there something in your life you’ve been withholding from the Lord? Something that in your hands is a burden but in God’s hands will be a blessing? Have you been afraid to trust God with this for fear of change or what others might think? This could be the day you are set free, the day you move into a more trusting intimate place with Him. Father, please give us the wisdom and everything else we need to make this day significant.

How was yesterday? If it was all you wanted it to be, the great news is that today can be just as remarkable. If your yesterday could have been better, the also great news is that today is a brand new opportunity to walk closer with Him than ever before.

Do you remember the best day you and God ever had together? Today could top that if you choose. Or if you can’t think when that was, this could be the day. Right now invite Him to go with you through every moment, ask Him to remind you when you start to drift away and look for His input into every situation you find yourself in. Today can be remarkable if you let it.