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I pray that sometime today you are able to put aside the commotion of this world, take delight in your surroundings, rejoice for the people around you and truly enjoy the day.

God’s not asking for us to change the way we act, he has so much more for us than that. He wants to heal our broken hearts, comfort us in difficult times, rejoice with us in good times and be our constant companion. He wants us to not only know but to experience the power of His perfect love for us. He wants His unique love for each of us to wipe away our insecurities and fill us to the point that we’re gushing over, pouring Him on those He puts around us.

Yes, even changing diapers is not too small a task for God to join you in; doing it on your own can become a tedious, smelly chore that you would do anything to avoid. But bring God along and it becomes something altogether different. You’ll find yourself happy to have this time with the child. You’ll appreciate the fact that childhood is short and that it won’t be long before you won’t have a baby so completely dependent on you. You’ll gain insight into how much God cares for you and not only puts up with your smelly messes but rejoices to help you change. Dads, this goes for you too.

After exploring the attributes of God for the last few weeks, Worshiping Him is the only conclusion we can come too. He is so beyond our imagination and yet right here for us to know, be loved by and love back. Let’s rejoice in Him today like never before, not just in song but in all that we say and do. You are so marvelous Lord…

If we’re going to emulate anyone in the story of the man that had two sons it should be the Father. His love for the lost never wavers, His patience with the religious is unfailing, He desires for us to know that all He has is ours and He rejoices when we are with Him. Let’s be like the father to everyone and not camp in the role of either one of His sons.

God becoming one of us is no less an act of His perfect love than His death and resurrection. Today we rejoice that he came but let’s also celebrate that He is here, that He loves each of us uniquely and that His greatest desire is to be included in all that we are and all that we do. Merry Christmas, you are so loved.

Our friend Dawn said it wonderfully yesterday; we have very much to rejoice over. God is so good and loves us so much. His becoming one of us not only supplies us with security but fills us with true joy.