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Poor thinking, negative thoughts, believing lies, mistrust and so many of the other things that have a way of creeping into our minds are going to happen. We shouldn’t be surprised when they do. Where we get into trouble is when we dwell on them and let them take a prominent place. The sooner we can recognize them and turn them over to God the better. The more we practice this the easier it gets.

Often we don’t recognize God’s voice because we are listening for thunder instead of a whisper. There are times when God speaks loudly but most often He speaks in whispers. He wants us to slow down, make time to connect intimately and seek Him. We are to become good listeners. Too often our time with Him is spent talking and not listening. We have our agenda or our idea of what prayer is supposed to sound like (don’t get me started on that…) and we talk right over Him.

It’s doable, to put nagging issues behind us for good. We can learn to recognize our insecurities before they set in, call them out for what they are and not allow them to affect those around us. God wants to help us with this if we’ll let Him. It comes down to trust, are we going to try to handle it again on our own or are we going to give it to Him?

We can improve our skills at recognizing when we have moved away from the Lord. When peace quietly slips away, I want to feel it instantly and jump back into God’s arms. If I’ve taken on worry, I want to toss it back to Him before I entertain it and let it take me places that are not healthy.

or as the Bible also calls it; renewing your mind, is the ability to recognize the lie and the evidence that seems to be saying you are unloved for what it really is – A LIE! We have to allow God’s perfect love for us to hold its rightful place as truth in our minds and in our hearts and not act out as those who are not loved, trying so hard to get what we already have.