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The quote that begins chapter 7:

“I used to think Jesus motivated us with ultimatums, but now I know He pursues us in love.”

Oh how He pursues you. All of creation is a result of His love. He will go to any length to draw you into an intimate relationship with Him. Slow down, let Him love you.

The passionate pursuing love of God must be proclaimed in season and out of season. Forceful emphasis must be placed on the tenderness and mercy of God, who first loved us. Instead of a light volley of divine love followed by the heavy artillery of rule-keeping, Jesus’ love for the unlovely must pierce the heart of every Christian. –

Brennan Manning

“You will be like God…” isn’t a bad thing. We are created in His image. The choice that Adam and Eve made that has the world where it is today is that they chose to do it without God. They would pursue being like Him on their own. This is the same choice we are faced with throughout our days, are we going it on our own or with Him?