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I’ve heard it said that fulfillment in life comes when you discover your purpose. But in addition to that fulfillment lingers as we find purpose in all of our living.


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Making one is easy, keeping it however, should be the purpose.

Isn’t it a shame how often we have a you first outlook on love? The shame is that’s not how love works at all. The very purpose of love is to be given away not to be acquired. The love we’re trying so hard to find is already ours and can’t be won or lost. It’s only the love of God that truly quenches our burning thirst and once tasted must be shared. Then shared love begets love.

I Love You

One thing you can be sure God is always saying is that He loves you. There is nothing more consistent than His love for you. There is nothing deeper than His love for you. And He has no higher purpose than loving you. Too often you think of yourself as a tiny cog in the grand scheme of God’s mysterious plan. Loving you is God’s plan. It has been from the very start. You were not an after thought on day six. You were the reason for everything He created on days one through five.