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Most of us can agree that if we do good, kind, loving things in order to please men, we’re missing something. But is it much different if we do those same things for the purpose of being personally rewarded in Heaven?

Incomprehensibility means that God cannot be fully known. This is not to be thought of as God being unknowable. It simply means that we will never exhaust our pursuit of Him. He wants to reveal Himself to us more and more all the time but even when we leave this world there is an eternity of more. He is the eternal prize, the reason to run the race.

Not to contradict Paul, but I want to slow down enough to bring as many people along on this journey as possible. There is only one prize but He is more than enough for us all. I want to go through life with enough breath and energy to share with others and to be there when they have need or even when they don’t.