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Freedom is scary; in fact it’s so frightening most of us choose to remain imprisoned. Rather than join God in the moment and trust Him with our future we cling to what’s familiar and what we believe we control even when it’s painful and unhealthy.  Freedom is more than available, it’s God’s desire and we are presented with the opportunity to choose it constantly. So instead of entertaining the same old thoughts, living according to other’s opinions and staying in our well worn rut; take a chance! Follow your heart, live and love in the now!

The finest gifts we bring are sacrificial.

Sharing our God given talents, our supernaturally endowed qualities and His divine love are the best gifts we can give.

We had the opportunity to tour the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial today. They’ve done a beautiful job of helping us remember the one hundred and sixty eight lives that were taken, the fleetingness of our lives here and the fact that everything can change in an instant. All things we should keep in mind. We also had the chance to meet with friends from years gone by and to catch up with what God has done and is doing in their lives.

Our memories can make today richer, provide us with wisdom and help us to cherish the present.

My prayer for you is that you’re overwhelmed by God’s goodness today. No matter the circumstances of your life at the moment that you are able to see and appreciate how He has proven His perfect love for you. I pray for you to be reminded with glimpses from the past, an awareness of His closeness in the present and the peace of trusting Him with your future.

The greatest gift we’ve been given is the present (pun intended). The only time that’s important is now. This incredible gift is completely unappreciated when we waste today focusing on the regrets or accomplishments of yesterday and is just as misused when we worry about tomorrow. You can only be with God right now and He would love to walk through this entire day with you.