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Connecting with others depends on using our capacity to relate for the enjoyment and enhancement of someone other than ourselves. Paul said that he struggled on behalf of others with the energy of Christ that powerfully worked in him (Col. 1:29). The life of Christ is coming out of me only when I am gladly ruled by a passion to know you, to bless you and to be known by you so that together we can enjoy fellowship with Christ and with each other. – Larry Crab

My wife’s brother has been visiting for the last several days and we’ve really had a great time together. Last night we had to say our farewells and many tears were shed. What particularly touched my heart was how profoundly we are all going to miss him and the depth of feelings our children have for their uncle. It’s pretty incredible to see your children love so deeply and with such passion just as you’ve prayed for them. We love you Rob, come back soon.

We commemorate the two greatest events in human History this weekend and it’s wonderful that we make a big deal out the death and resurrection of our Lord each year. But what if we took the celebration to a whole new level? What if throughout each day we took to heart the perfect love that Christ’s sacrifice demonstrated and were perpetually thankful? What if we walked through each day with the confidence that Jesus’ resurrection truly did finish it, that the battle is won and that our place with the Father is just as secure as His? Now that would be a Holyday.