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The sun will rise, the sun will set and we’ll take much of what’s in-between for granted too.


The sunrise will be spectacular, one like never before, the beginning of a completely new day full of once in a lifetime opportunities. We’ll look for ways to share the specialness of the gift this day is with people God sends our way and we’ll be amazed by the completely unique sunset that once again reveals how incredibly much God loves us.

I’m reminded today how short our time is here. Lord help us make the most of today, not only in what we accomplish but in the lives we impact by sharing your love. May today be filled with opportunities that don’t get lost in busyness or business but along with what we achieve let us touch those around us with your amazing affection.

Scripture says we’re to be anxious for nothing, really, nothing? Does God know how many things come our way each day that are really worthy of worrying about? I mean big things. And we don’t need to get worked up about them? Could it be true? The only way to know for sure is to give it a try. Is God real enough, does He care enough and is He big enough to meet us right here, come beside us and take on our worries, fears and concerns? It’s not easy; too often I’ll trust Him with something only to take it back upon myself only to find restlessness and unease. The better I get at leaving those things in His hands the more peace and ultimately resolution I find. I pray this for you today.

There is no better way to start our day than to have our first thought be of The Lord. Sometimes “huh?” may be our first thought but from there we can greet Him with something like “Good morning, thank you for last night’s sleep and help me appreciate the gift that today is. Will You please help me walk through this entire day with You and give me reminders that You’re here especially when I start to drift? Use me today Father, let Your love for me and my love for You be so obvious that opportunities to share You will be everywhere. Please give me a taste of how much you love the people we come across today and let me give some of your love to them.” If we have this type of intimate interaction before our head leaves the pillow each day we really are getting a head start on whatever might be in store for us.

Let’s not let the regrets of yesterday and the worry for tomorrow steal the joy from today. This day is a gift from God and it is only in it that we can be in His presence. When we focus on yesterday’s failures we’re setting ourselves up for another day of disappointment. When we’re anxious for tomorrow we miss the opportunities He has for us now creating another day of failing. If we’ll listen, trust, and follow His direction today, we’re able to put the past behind us and trust that He will fulfill His promises for tomorrow. He loves you so much.

There’s nothing better than joining God in something He’s doing in another’s life. These opportunities are all around us but it’s only by intimately knowing Him and His voice that we can see them and know how to respond. So let’s seek Him with all our hearts today and see what we can be a part off.

The key is nearness to God. Make room for Him today, invite Him into everything you do, seek Him with all that you have and see Him bring opportunities your way.