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Yesterday’s difficulties, mistakes or poor decisions don’t have to rule today. It’s a brand new day full of opportunity and new challenges. Don’t let the weight of the past drag you down. Give your regrets to God and trust Him enough to leave them with Him. Each time you take them back for yourself you’re excluding Him from helping and living in the past. He is the God of right now and this is the very time He wants to spend with you.

My favorite synonym for fresh is spanking new. It’s a reference to birth, as new as you can be. Solomon in total despair claimed there is nothing new under the sun but he was looking in all the wrong places. If we’ll focus on what’s beyond the sun, the One who placed it there and holds it in its place everything is new and not just once but a continual new, each day fresh and full of promise, each moment an opportunity to see and respond to the uniqueness God’s presenting. Born again and again… spanking new.

In my mid twenties I bought a 1978 Datsun 280Z. It was British racing green and just beautiful. For weeks I would look out the window to see it sitting in my driveway and think, man, I can’t believe that’s mine. Of course after a few weeks the newness and excitement went away.

For the last nearly eighteen years I’ve got to experience an even more wonderful elation as I look at our children every chance I can. My favorite is when they’re asleep. Every day I think, God, I can’t believe you let me be their dad. This newness and elation only increases as time goes by.

Multiply this by infinity and that’s how God feels about you. It’s okay to feel pretty great about this, you might even say, man, I can’t believe I get to be His.


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I’ve also had the chance this week to see someone face their fears and boldly try a lot of new and dangerous things. I’ve learned much. In a world created by The God who doesn’t do things twice, it’s very valuable to be able to try new things in spite of your fears, to trust Him enough to take a step when you don’t know what comes next. Thank you for the lesson.

The sun will rise, the sun will set and we’ll take much of what’s in-between for granted too.


The sunrise will be spectacular, one like never before, the beginning of a completely new day full of once in a lifetime opportunities. We’ll look for ways to share the specialness of the gift this day is with people God sends our way and we’ll be amazed by the completely unique sunset that once again reveals how incredibly much God loves us.

God loved you. There’s never been a moment since when that’s untrue. No matter how well we might know His love there’s even more to be known. Today is an opportunity to realize His special affection for you in a new and deeper way. Let Him show you.

We spent the past few weeks looking at the varying degrees God is real to us and also explored some of the things that keep us from more of Him. It makes sense to move on to how our life might look if we truly allowed Him into every area. So over the next few days let’s see what we might recognize in our life as fruit and also take a look at what might be areas still under cultivation.

Remember there is no formula and the thoughts shared here are in no way meant to be a list of things to mimic in order to appear like God is involved. We also need to be careful to examine ourselves as opposed to finding the flaws in others. There’s nothing more personal than your relationship with God so I hope that as we dive in here He meets you in new and wonderful ways.

Today has the potential to be remarkable. There’s no reason it has to be mundane, hum drum or like any other day. This could be the day you’ve been waiting for. Is there something in your life you’ve been withholding from the Lord? Something that in your hands is a burden but in God’s hands will be a blessing? Have you been afraid to trust God with this for fear of change or what others might think? This could be the day you are set free, the day you move into a more trusting intimate place with Him. Father, please give us the wisdom and everything else we need to make this day significant.

There is only one God. He is singular and completely unique. There is no other. Therefore we don’t have to be afraid of what others think god to be. We just need to help them get to know The God. If you’ve read these posts for any length of time you are aware of how much I appreciate God’s uniqueness. The fact that everything He does is new and fresh makes us unique too and I believe is a key to the way that His love fulfills our every need. If we can know that His love for us is unlike His love for anyone else then we will find ourselves full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. What the world needs is people who know this and can help them understand it as well.