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Another place that some keep The Lord is “in the family.” Usually in this type of relationship it’s distant family. Someone they know well, maybe Mom and Dad or close friends are near to God so they figure they’re covered too. The sad thing about this relationship is that while those around us can be a blessing and we certainly need the love of family and friends, they are no substitute for the uniquely intimate love that can only come from The Father. Believing in God is not the same as knowing Him.

Do you ever have those times when God seems a little distant? You know something is not like it could be so you start to worry about it and put a plan into action. You determine to read more and pray more and before you know it you’ve taken the relationship completely into your own hands, religion has taken over and you aren’t any closer than when you started. I wonder if God might want to say, “slow down, rest, come back over here I haven’t gone anywhere. Don’t try so hard, Let’s just be together today”?

The key is nearness to God. Make room for Him today, invite Him into everything you do, seek Him with all that you have and see Him bring opportunities your way.

There is something we can do. Just like Adam and Eve, we get to choose. It’s a choice we need to make throughout our day, throughout our life and the choice is to let God be involved. He wants to be there every step of the way with us. Too often it’s only in the hard times, we draw near and receive healing, we’ll get filled and then we take it on our own from there only to find ourselves hurt and empty again. The Lord wants to keep us topped off all the time. It’s up to us to stay connected.