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Poor thinking, negative thoughts, believing lies, mistrust and so many of the other things that have a way of creeping into our minds are going to happen. We shouldn’t be surprised when they do. Where we get into trouble is when we dwell on them and let them take a prominent place. The sooner we can recognize them and turn them over to God the better. The more we practice this the easier it gets.

Yesterday we talked about finding or making some time to get away from the noise and distraction in the world around us in order to connect more closely with God, which we know is no easy task. But what might be even more difficult is once we’ve found a time or place that’s quiet around us, to get our minds and thoughts to be still. How can we listen for what God has to say if our quiet time is filled with us speaking to Him? It’s far better to give our thoughts over to Him and listen to what He has to say than to run through a list of what’s on our mind or ask for what we want. It’s certainly okay to take our concerns to the Lord but hearing back is really good too.

We can get better and better each day at identifying the lies and calling them out. Scripture calls this taking our thoughts captive: not allowing our minds to entertain the lies that lead to places of insecurity. We can catch these thoughts early, recognize them as the lies that they are and disregard them.

or as the Bible also calls it; renewing your mind, is the ability to recognize the lie and the evidence that seems to be saying you are unloved for what it really is – A LIE! We have to allow God’s perfect love for us to hold its rightful place as truth in our minds and in our hearts and not act out as those who are not loved, trying so hard to get what we already have.