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I’m very proud to announce that after many, many years of trying I finally earned God’s approval. It all came together today when I – whoops, never mind I just lost it.

God’s faithfulness, goodness, mercy, love and care have been amazing to this point in your life, which you can see if you’ll stop and reflect. Thank Him. But His best for you is still to come. Trust.

This is never God’s heart towards you. No matter what you have done He wants nothing more than to meet you with compassion, mercy and love. He knows that if you will allow Him He can take whatever you are in the middle of and turn it into something wonderful. Don’t isolate yourself out of guilt or shame, it is not for you to decide what your punishment should be and separation from the Lord is certainly not the answer. Run to Him, He has just what you need.

How much of our lives have we really turned over to God? Have we compartmentalized our days or weeks into areas that belong to Him and other areas that we handle on our own? Do we really believe that He cares about the little details of our lives or do we think there are areas He doesn’t want to be bothered with? Maybe we suppose we’re better at some things than He is? Or could it be that God’s timing isn’t quick enough for us?

“The woman You gave me…” Adam’s blaming God here. We are called to a life of other centeredness; it’s too bad we apply this concept to pointing out sin. It’s okay to move to the front of the line when the topic is shortcomings and weaknesses. Thank You for Your forgiveness Lord, thank You for Your Grace.