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I hope we’ve been able to put some of the doubt about hearing from God behind us. If this is new to you, here’s an idea on how to start. Set some time aside and find a quiet place to be alone with God. Thank Him for loving you and ask Him to join you right here, right now. Call on Jesus. Open your heart to whatever He may want and put aside any agenda you might have. Ask Him to remind you of a scripture. Find that specific verse and then memorize it. Pray for God to show you who to share this verse with. In the next few days you’ll see God present you with an opportunity.


I’ve suggested this exercise here before and have heard some great stories that came of it. If we will meet Him and be faithful in the little things we’ll see Him do the amazing. The results of this exercise will be having heard from God, knowing that He heard you and building trust and intimacy. As we’ve said before, there’s nothing better.

Scripture says to, “always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you,”. Memorizing just one scripture as we talked about yesterday is a great example of being ready. Getting a passport might be another. If we’ll do our small part with Him, He’ll for sure do His part.

Here’s a chance to do something with God; Pick a scripture to memorize or recommit one you already know and pray. Watch God bring someone your way that needs that very scripture. It will be exactly what they needed to hear from Him for just their situation. They’ll be touched by The Lord through you and think you know the Bible by heart.