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Is it ironic, paradoxical or just outright diabolical that we use this verse to justify judging others? Isn’t it what Jesus said to the woman right after he told the religious people not to judge her? Is it possible this statement indicates that her sin is between her and God? And isn’t it comfortingly amazing that just a few verses later He tells us “I judge no one.”?

The following had much to say to me today. I hope the same for you. It’s from an article by Paul Ford:

“I am often consumed with a sense of overwhelming love and empathy. I look at the other person and am overwhelmed with joy.

This is not a world where you can simply express love for other people, where you can praise them. Perhaps it should be. But it’s not. I’ve found that people will fear your enthusiasm and warmth, and wait to hear the price. Which is fair, we’ve all been drawn into someone’s love only to find out that we couldn’t afford it.”

I recently heard a phenomenal teaching on grace from Mike Harland. He concluded the message with a story about his son marching in the high school band for the state championship in Texas some years ago. Mike and his family were sitting up at the top of the stands near the judge’s area taking in the event. The contrast between the stern faced judges, critiquing each note and step looking for every flaw, and Mike the proud dad, jumping up and down in his seat waving his coat over his head with whoops and hollers, was significant. Mike ended the story by telling us that we get to choose which spot God is going to take in our lives. Are we going to live life in performance mode, trying to be perfect under our own power and putting God in the judge’s seat? Or are we going to walk through life hand in hand with our loving Father while He cheers us on at every turn? Once again, our choice.