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I hope you don’t mind if I get a bit sporty. There’s an adage that says, sometimes the best defense is a strong offense. This can be true in well defined games.

Regrettably this saying is frequently how we conduct our interactions with each other. We’re far too often quick to pick up an offense which causes us to get defensive and many times even offensive. To stave off getting wounded we wound, to avoid a no, we manipulate and to keep people from getting to close, we pretend.

What if we could love our offenders so much they couldn’t hurt us? What if we knew for certain how special we are to God that we never had to be on the defensive? What if we were so honest about our flaws to people that their love for us grew deep? I know this is possible for us, it sounds very much like Jesus. It also sounds a whole lot like the people I know that spend a bunch of time with Him.

I’ve known two kinds of Christians, those that love and those that love to be right.

God’s not asking for us to change the way we act, he has so much more for us than that. He wants to heal our broken hearts, comfort us in difficult times, rejoice with us in good times and be our constant companion. He wants us to not only know but to experience the power of His perfect love for us. He wants His unique love for each of us to wipe away our insecurities and fill us to the point that we’re gushing over, pouring Him on those He puts around us.

Scripture says that God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty. Why then are we so afraid of our weaknesses? Why is it so easy to find and point out the weaknesses of those around us in order to feign might? If we will grasp the truth of God’s unique love for us, how because it is completely different from His love for anyone else we can put aside our insecurities and stop trying to elevate ourselves by comparison to others. If we could see ourselves as well as others, the way God sees us, what a wonderful world it would be.

As we continue our exploration of the various degrees we allow God in our lives, we finally arrive at our second widely held position, agnosticism. Agnostics can’t be circled up and painted with a broad stroke; their beliefs are extremely varied. You will run into agnostic atheists as well as agnostic theists and much in between. In a general sense the agnostic contends that God cannot be proved or disproved, He may exist, He may not but we are unable to know. I like to ask, “If there is a God, would you want to know Him?” Which typically leads to a really good conversation instead of the argument we get when both of us are so insecure about our beliefs that we feel we have to prove the other guy wrong.

It’s doable, to put nagging issues behind us for good. We can learn to recognize our insecurities before they set in, call them out for what they are and not allow them to affect those around us. God wants to help us with this if we’ll let Him. It comes down to trust, are we going to try to handle it again on our own or are we going to give it to Him?

I think it’s possible to be so secure in who we are, so sure of how much we are loved and so confident in our future that we could lay down all of our insecurities. We would think much less about ourselves, not be offended easily and think more highly of others. That’s who I want to be. Do you think that’s possible?