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How much of our lives are filled with things that distract us from what’s really essential?

I’m enjoying reading Bob Goff’s “Love Does”.

“I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.”

I’ve really had to think about this quote. The question comes down to, what matters? And it seems to me that what matters is how and why we do things much more than actually what we do. Sure, there are the more obvious Godly things but if in all that we do, no matter what it is, we’re looking for Him and how we can love those around us that’s what really matters.

Having a Word from God confirmed is important especially when it’s a big one, something that affects the lives of others. He is more than happy to let you know for sure. I really like it when he stacks up five or six different things that all point in the same direction so coincidence can be removed. As we’ve said before, The Bible is a great place to seek confirmation. Having trusted friends seek Him on an issue with you is significant too.

Not everything needs to be confirmed before acting. Sometimes unfortunately confirmation comes after ignoring what you heard. I wish I had fewer examples come to mind right here, you may have one too.

Our relationship with God and with those around us is what’s most important to Him and most essential for us. God has only one command, love. We are only capable of fulfilling this when we are with Him. He is the source and we must continually allow Him to fill us.

The people around us should be our greatest treasure. How can we show them how valuable they are to us today? What sacrifice can be made that says, “You are more important to me than my own wants or needs.”?