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We’ve all been wounded; it’s part of life. We live in an imperfect world filled with flawed people, not the least of which is I. As we mentioned yesterday, being aware that we are no better than those around us allows us to have the heart of God towards people but we have to present our weakness to Him. It’s the same with our wounds. A wound kept from the Lord only hardens our heart and like our hidden flaws, keeps others at a distance. Hurt and pain turned over to God brings healing and permits us to be used in the healing of others.

We are all wounded and damaged; we live in an imperfect and all too often cruel world. But that doesn’t have to be our character. God wants us healed and restored to the persons He intended for us to be from the very beginning. He’s more than capable of helping us with this and since it’s what He wants, why does it seem so hard to get there at times?